*phew* (wipes sweat from brow)

Ok After a hectic couple of days it looks like the stability of -current
is back where it should be. Multiple buildworlds are completing 
with no discernable degradation.

At this time I have no information on any apps that fail to work (that did
work before KSE).

The signal flakiness is still present but at least people can get work
done. I will work on this next (though signal experts are welcome to
try their hand as well.. (in fact any beginners who want to jump inat the 
deep end of the pool can guarantee a near-drowning-experience by trying
to understand signals).

Performance seems pretty much equivalent to pre_KSE.

Many thanks to the many people who sent test results and patch
suggestions, especialy David Xu who I forgot to acknolegde on the
appropriate checkin.

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