> I think we should add a target to make world that checks for the
> existence of an old base install of Perl and removes it if it exists.

I agree that we may need a tool to do this, but I don't agree that it
gets done automatically by "make world".

> As a general principle, if we do things like remove code during -current
> development then make world needs to cater for that change. The idea of
> make world is that what you get at the end of it is a pristine install
> of a snapshot of FreeBSD from the current branch.

I disagree. This is force-feeding the user base too much.

> The bootstrap target was originally added for this purpose, to deal with
> issues during releases i.e. to bootstrap from one version of current to
> another. It's got misunderstood along the way to mean bootstrapping
> tools needed early in the build process.
> I'd like to resurrect it's original meaning and add code to clean out
> old versions of Perl.

Lots of things get deleted from current as time goes by; headers,
libraries, applets, etc. It is the responsibility of the CURRENT
builder/user to remove them as she sees fit. Our resposibility as
developers goes no further than to help provide removal tools/techniques
(I use "find ${DIR} -type f -ctime +1 -delete -print"), and guidance.

Of course, there are counterprecedents (libtelnet is one), but these
are the exception, and are unlikely to trample all over a user's
carefully crafted installation.

o       Mark Murray
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