Sheldon Hearn wrote:
> You and Paul are both pretty "out there" if you think -current users
> will graciously accept a new world order in which ports linked
> dymanically against system libraries won't work between a system upgrade
> and the next port reinstall.
> If you want to clean out crap left behind by `make world', just do this:
> make world
> rm -r /usr/include              # Make world really should overwrite
> make installincludes            # header files!
> find /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/lib /usr/libexec /usr/share \
>      -type f -mtime +1 -delete
> If you're just annoyed by the recent perl wobble, think about how important
> it is to do what Paul suggests, if it means annoying users who have very
> good reasons to prefer the way the `make world' upgrade method works.
> Then, if you still think it's important, figure out a way to do it
> _without_ annoying those users, as suggested by Terry.

1)      It was Paul that suggested it.  I merely stated that
        he had a reasonable argument, depending on his goals.

2)      Right after you stopped quoting, implying that I was for
        the idea, I had said:

| Note that this is really problematic, since there are optional
| install components, such as binary backward compatability
| libraries that are installed into system directories, such as
| /usr/lib, that aren't technically the result of the build
| process itself.
| Header files under /usr/include are pretty straight forward, as
| far as that goes, though, unless they overlap components that
| get installed for binary compatability (I don't think the tools
| actually support building for this, though, because of crt,
| manifest constant, and the a,out->ELF change).

... in other words:

i.      It's reasonable to want this
ii.     I don't think you can have this

So... before you try to tar something with the "Terry likes it,
it must be bad" brush, make sure you know which side of the
issue I'm on.

This time, I'm on your side.  I guess that must mean you're wrong.


-- Terry

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