David Wolfskill writes:
 > syncing disks... 
 > done
 > And at that point, nothing further.  I'm able to ping the machine, but I
 > didn't see the (usual) mention of an attempt to shut power off via ACPI.
 > (Sometimes that would work; sometimes it would time out, but this is the
 > first time I recall not seeing the attempt logged.)
 > I just tried sending a BREAK (to the serial console) [I think I have
 > BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER in the kernel...]; no response.

Me too!  But a break to debugger seemed to work for me:

Waiting (max 60 seconds) for system process `syncer' to stop...stopped

syncing disks... 6 6 

<But Filesystems were dirty upon reboot!>

[halt sent]
Stopped at      siointr1+0x198: br      zero,siointr1+0x330
db> tr
siointr1() at siointr1+0x198
siointr() at siointr+0x40
isa_handle_fast_intr() at isa_handle_fast_intr+0x24
alpha_dispatch_intr() at alpha_dispatch_intr+0xd0
interrupt() at interrupt+0x110
XentInt() at XentInt+0x28
--- interrupt (from ipl 0) ---
kserunnable() at kserunnable+0x10
idle_proc() at idle_proc+0x78
fork_exit() at fork_exit+0xe0
exception_return() at exception_return
--- root of call graph ---
db> reboot

(this is a UP alpha).

I'm glad this happened on x86 too!  I was beginning to think boot was
only broken on alpha ;)


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