On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Don Lewis wrote:

> > For me it is broken in a different way. For a small FS like / it works,
> > but dumping my /home, which is 4G, I get
> >
> >      DUMP: read error from /dev/ad0s5e: Invalid argument: [sector -1054739789]: 
> >      DUMP: read error from /dev/ad0s5e: Invalid argument: [sector -1054739788]: 
> I'm not able to reproduce this here on a freshly built 11 GB filesystem.
> It only contains about 2 GB of data, but the data is fairly uniformly
> spread over all the cylinder groups.  I'm running a version of -current
> built Fri Jul  5 13:07:05 PDT 2002, though I don't recall seeing any
> likely looking commits since the first report of this problem.

This seems very similar to the dump() problem I reported a week ago. I've
not been able to reproduce this on machines with a recent newfs; only on
older disk which have been in use for a longer period of time and have
filled up a few times. It may be some fragementation or
splitting/following through of references which is the issue.

When booting into a 4.1 cdrom; and then mounting the second cdrom with the
full file system/fixit -> a dump works fine. So it is almost certainly
-CURRENT related.


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