On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 11:35:46PM +0200, Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I upgraded to yesterday's -CURRENT and have made a few observations:

> 2) and much more alarmingly: Although the new ipfw really seems to
> process the ruleset faster, some rules appear to do nothing! I
> have a "default-to-deny" setup, so theoretically this should mean that I
> should be cut off from the net if the allow rules do not work. And
> indeed, flushing all rules gives the expected behaviour. But as soon as
> I load the ruleset file (which is the same as previously and then it
> worked as expected) the fw becomes wide-open, the only rules that appear
> to work are the divert for natd, and the allow rules. But the deny rules
> do nothing, it seems that even the "catch-all" implicit deny rule at the
> bottom does nothing. Am I going insane, or is this real?

Don't know.  But, I do know that logging seemed to be messed up.  My old
ruleset only logged a few rules, and after upgrading I seemed to get a
log entry for every packet.  It was so overwhelming that I didn't even
try to analyze it.  Since I needed natd on the machine in question,
I just reverted all the new ipfw code, and haven't spent much time at it.

> Also, I have observed that when loading the rules from the ruleset file,
> ipfw prints two lines for each, one with the expected rule number and
> one with all zeros. I don't know if it's significant though.
> It is like this:
> 00000 deny log  ip from any to any
> 03600 deny log  ip from any to any

Yes, I saw this.  However, 'ipfw l' doesn't include a 00000 rule, and
the rule list appears correct.

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