After re-compiling XFree86-Server-4.2.0_3 on current, my mousewheel
(Logitech usb wheel mouse, connected via sysmouse) produces only
downward, or button-5, events on scrolling either up or down.

The problem appears to be the compilation of line 1508 in

Changing this line:

 dz = ((char)(pBuf[5] << 1) + (char)(pBuf[6] << 1)) / 2;
 dz = ((signed char)(pBuf[5] << 1) + (signed char)(pBuf[6] << 1)) >> 1;

works around the problem.

I copied this change from an earlier change to moused.c in
revision 1.56 to work around the same problem there.

-- ted

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