Recently I have done some kind of pathologically brain-dead experiment. :)

    I have checked out pre-KSE FreeBSD HEAD branch to one of my Intel
servers and allowed to re-build entire -SNAP-type release for my newly
acquired DEC Alpha machine.

    Host environment: i386 (Pentium III 850 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 2xSCSI160 HDD);
        Target environment: Alpha AXP EV6 (21264).

    My congratulations to FreeBSD development team:
"make release TARGET=alpha ..." has gone without any manual intervention!

    Although one thing is broken: floppies generated by this "make" are not
bootable. SRM on DS10L complains that media doesn't contain valid boot block.

    I has downloaded 5.0-DP1/alpha installation floppies and (of
course, after renaming base.* to bin.*) after that I was able to install
-SNAP built by me -- all is working quite fine.

    Now I'm planning to build -current entirely on Alpha and, if
Alpha-generated floppies will be bootable, we should consider that some
kind of 64-bit cleanness and/or byteorder problem exists in code generates
boot floppies. Am I right?


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