On 06-Jul-2002 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Well with various hints from here and there I have fixed
> the ^Z/fg problem (at least it seems fixed to me and others that 
> have tested) This basically leaves only one outstanding
> problem that I know of which is a problem that Warner has with a
> particular progam. (This may also be fixed but I don't know)
> If anyone knows of something that was broken by the KSE commit,
> (i.e. it worked just before and not after) and is STILL
> broken please let me know because I think I can pretty much declare that
> chapter finished, and I'd like to get on with "extending" KSE
> functionality. This will be the start of Milestone IV, which would be
> add support for threads to run on multiple processors.
> Coincident with that some work should also proceed on gradually
> identifying and cleaning up places in the kernel where multithreading
> is just not ready.. e.g. which thread status do you get when you type ^T?

I would like it if you would make KSE-3 work on other architectures now
rather than adding more functionality that only works on i386.  This would
serve to validate the design decisions made thus far before a whole lot of
code depends on those design decisions making it easier to make changes if
need be.


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