Ok, I have fixed the bugs and finished it. I tested the functionality and
it seems to work with both IPv4 and IPv6 (and both mixed).

    100000    4    tcp          portmapper superuser
    100000    3    tcp          portmapper superuser
    100000    2    tcp          portmapper superuser
    100000    4    udp     portmapper superuser
    100000    3    udp     portmapper superuser
    100000    2    udp     portmapper superuser


You can specify several -h arguments like:

rpcbind -h -h

I'm not sure if Matt's hack for STABLE was correct, since he never registered
the fd's with srvreg(). Only the last address will be registered. Maybe this
is just a graphical issue, nothing else. rpcinfo will only contain one entry
per protocol.


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