Gosh I did that SOOO long ago (almost a year I guess)
that I really cannot remember..
I think I looked at the fields and decided that since there
weren't any at that time It could probably be in that reagion..

you are right I think..
feel free to shift it.
Matt has since been there.. I can't remember what was there before.

1.1          (rgrimes  12-Jun-93):  */
1.12         (julian   12-Sep-01): struct mdthread {
1.16         (dillon   27-Mar-02):      register_t md_savecrit;
1.12         (julian   12-Sep-01): };
1.12         (julian   12-Sep-01): 

I presume that the savecrit should not be duplicated..
(but it is not set in fork so that is probably ok...)

sure.. move it.

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> I'm trying to cleanup the Alpha MD flags and discovered that in KSE-2,
> the struct mdthread td_md is in the copy section of struct thread even
> though struct mdproc p_md is not (and wasn't before KSE-2 either).  Just
> curious if this was accidental or intentional?  I think mdthread should
> not be copied by default, but should be treated the same as mdproc, and
> the MD code should be responsible for copying/zeroing any bits that it
> needs to.
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