A box running this morning's -current compiled with DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS
coughed up this error part way through a "cvs update" of the ports tree.

VOP_GETVOBJECT: xxxxx is not locked but should be

The stack trace is:

getnewvnode() + 0x182
ffs_vget() + 0x73
ufs_lookup() + 0x10df
vfs_vnoperate() + 0x13
ufs_cache_lookup() + 0x516
ufs_vnoperate() + 0x13
lookup() + 0x43b
namei() + 0x1e4

I don't understand this error at all, because there is a call to
vn_lock() immediately before the call to VOP_GETVOBJECT().

Once it hit this error, I turned off the vfs_badlock_panic switch,
but the console continued to spew VFS lock errors for a variety of
different vnode addresses.

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