Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> Alex Zepeda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > After the rude awakening that I was after all running current, I've
> > finally turned on the WITNESS related options for my kernel
> Congratulations in turning your -CURRENT box into a doorstop!  ;)

Magician:       For my fisrt trick, I shall install -current!

Audience:       Oooh!

Magician:       Now I will attempt to obtain a crash dump... this is
                a very dangerous trick... very few magicians alive
                today can perform this trick, although in the past,
                it was very common...

Audience:       Aaah!

Magician:       For my next trick, I will turn on WITNESS!  Please
                be quiet!  Many magicians have died doing this!

Audience:       Oooh!

Magician:       And for my final trick of the evening, I will throw
                this frisbee so that it lands under a car, just out
                of reach...

Man (to wife):  I think I'm beginning to see a pattern...

-- Terry

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