Thus spake Peter Wemm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Please do not.  gcc is just a tool.  If it emits a warning on some arches
> because gcc doesn't understand how our libraries work, then we should
> disable the gcc checking for those arches on those functions.  ie: remove
> the __printf0like completely for #ifdef sparc64 for err() etc.
> This is much much less disruptive than slashing through userland and
> "fixing" something that is already perfectly correct and legal.

I agree that there's little sense in changing the code to work
around a compiler bug, but it does not follow that the change is
inherently a bad idea.  I tend to think of adding descriptive
error messages as something that should have been done long ago,
and just happens to be slightly more useful now.  The change buys
us the time to figure out what's really wrong with gcc, rather
than disabling and ignoring the offending warnings on sparc64.

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