Beech Rintoul wrote:

>Does anyone have a suggestion how to get around this?
>cc -DMYSQL_SERVER                       -DDEFAULT_MYSQL_HOME="\"/usr/local\"" 
> -
>ysql\""                         -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../bdb/build_unix 
>e/include                       -I./../include                  -I./../regex  
> -
>I. -I../include -I.. -I.    -DDBUG_OFF -O -pipe  -felide-constructors 
>-fno-exceptions  -fno-implicit-templates -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti 
>RETRY_COUNT=1000000 -c
>/usr/include/tcpd.h: In function `void* handle_connections_sockets(void*)':
>/usr/include/tcpd.h:137: too many arguments to function `void sock_host()'
> at this point in file
>/usr/include/tcpd.h:75: too many arguments to function `int hosts_access()'
> at this point in file
>/usr/include/tcpd.h:130: too many arguments to function `char* eval_client()'
> at this point in file
>*** Error code 1
>I've been trying to upgrade this port for a couple of weeks now.
  Beech, I'm right there with you... and Edwin Culp posted the same 
error to ports yesterday morning, but nobody has answered him either :-( 
 I'm actually trying to do a fresh install.
  By the way, I saw your previous postings... am I reading correctly 
that you'd changed to the C++ compiler and received the same error?
  Dirk, are you still the maintainer of this port?  Note that I changed 
the makefile and distinfo to try version 3.23.49, too...  but it chokes 
with precisely the same error.  Though my problem is with installation, 
it looks like Beech has been struggling with an upgrade ever since you 
upgraded the port to 3.23.51 (about 3 weeks ago), which implies he was 
at least able to install initially.  Would you be kind enough to look 
into this, or at least point us in the right direction?  Can you 
replicate the errors as well?

  Thank you,


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