On 11-Jul-2002 Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Here is my proposed fix for the page-zeroing problem w/ SMP.  It
>     is untested (I'm about to test it)... I'm looking for comments on
>     the concept.  If the comments are positive and my testing succeeds I
>     will commit it tonight.
>     Basically the idea is simple.  Provide a function that mi_switch() can
>     call when switching in a thread.  The page zeroing code sets this
>     function to cpu_invlpg(CADDR3) on switch-in, thus dealing with any
>     potential switch between cpu's with virtually no overhead (no overhead
>     that we care about anyway).
>     I daresay that this mechanism could be used for a number of other
>     purposes as well.
>     What do you think?

Sounds fine to me.  I'm not sure it will be all that useful for other
things in the future but it conveniently solves the problem at hand
at least.


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