On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> Currently, sparc64 SMP panics before getting out of single user mode
> because there is an optimization case in cpu_switch() (if we are
> switching back to the same thread, we just return right away) that
> doesn't set td_state to TDS_RUNNING.  Also, according to Peter, the

I want to change the setting to TDS_RUNNING in the C code in
choosethread(). It's pointless
extra assembler. ALso the test in i386: cpu_switch that tests for 
TDS_RUNQ should be shot. choosethread() it's possiblethat 
the idleproc loop startup can aslo be changed to remove teh setting into
TDS_RUNQ that I seem to remember being there..
I can make those changes now if you'd like or you can do  it
if you have your fingers in there now..

> code in ia64's cpu_switch() doesn't work either.  Rather than try to
> fix this in the assembler though, I think it is easier to just set
> the thread state once in C at the end of choosethread().  It is a
> lot easier to maintain down the road.  The patch to do this is at
> http://www.freebsd.org/~jhb/patches/kse_switch.patch

duh I should read to the end of the email first..

> It has been tested on sparc64, alpha, and i386 all with SMP.  I
> would like to commit it soonish.  Comments?

put me down as having approved/agreed/applauded/whatever!
(but check the idle thread setup first)

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