On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 03:07, Stanislav Grozev wrote:
> ok, it compiles and runs fine...
> but my card isn't recognized. here's what pciconf -l -v shows:
> none6@pci0:13:0:        class=0x030000 card=0x80af104d chip=0x4c521002 rev=0x64 
>     vendor   = 'ATI Technologies'
>     device   = 'Rage P/M Mobility PCI'
>     class    = display
>     subclass = VGA
> so I just added the chipid to r128_drv.c (hoping that it will work;-):
> {0x1002, 0x4c52, __REALLY_HAVE_SG, "ATI Rage 12m Mobility P/M (PCI)"},

That's a Mach64-based chip, so the r128 driver won't work with it. 
Luckily for you, support for mach64s (Rage Pros specifically, which I
think your chip is) is being worked on in DRI CVS, so it should be
available soon.  What's needed at this point is for someone to port the
Mach64 DRM from Linux to the Linux/BSD framework we've got in DRI CVS
now.  It's a pretty straightforward process now for most chipsets, but
does take some time.


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