Hi all,

I reworked my patch as from PR bin/29175 and the PR


Some comments about the patch.

- TI-RPC is now the default again for code generation. Unbreaks
  ports/mail/drac for CURRENT.

- As before, inetd support support is turned of per default.
  Code for inetd can be made with -I.

- Support for ``transport monitors'' and the NLSPROVIDER env
  variable is still there , even if their use is not clear in
  non TLI stream based systems like Free-/NetBSD. It can be activated
  with -P.

- There are a few corrections in rpcgen.1 and usage function to conform
  to the code. Added and documented -P

- I removed the #ifdefs checks for Free-/NetBSD since we are the only
  ones who use this code. MaxOS X may have the same limitations as
  we have, so this code will correctly build for them.

- Generate correct cflags.

Patch is based on my work and Jean-Luc Richier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
Comments are welcome.


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