On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 11:08:07PM +0200, Marc Recht wrote:
> I'm getting strange dead-locks/complete lookups when I use the system
> ssh with port forwarding. Using something like: 
> ssh -L8080:remote:8080 account@remote
> to forward a remote apache to my local box. When I access
> http://localhost:8080/ not later than the third click on link (or
> pressing reload) my box locks up completely. I don't even get into the
> debugger or get a crash dump. The box is just plain dead. Though

I had a similar problem w/ netscape-4 configured to use a local
(non started) proxy in -stable. w/ the proxy, no problem, w/o it,
plain dead-lock. don't know where is the lockup ?

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