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>> If you are interested, I have make a full check of NFS/RPC related code in
>> FreeBSD current (June 24), and I have some mods to complete the port of
>> kernel NFS and RPC applcations to TI-RPC and/or IPv6
>> The modified files are:
>Of course we are interested ! I knew that many servers did not yet support
>Ipv6 ! Great that someone has done the work and ported them.
>Can you make the diffs available publically ? Or do you like to send them
>just to the lists ?

the patch file I have is based on FreeBSD current, fetched on June 24
    (and ftp://ftp.imag.fr/pub/ipv6/NFS/0README_NFS_IPV6_FreeBSD5.0)

I ugrade it once every few months - but I will not change it it the next
month - I am leaving for holydays :-)

it also includes some patches I submitted to FreeBSD-gnats and KAME
- correction to kern/40558 (UDP6 socket problem with IPv6 IPv4 mapped
    addresses - patch mixed with a modification for NFS/V6 in udp6_usrreq.c)
- correction to kern/40561 (No TTCP support in IPv6)
    (patch of in6_proto.c and tcp_usrreq.c)
- correction to kern/22868 (an old problem in getsockname for non bound socket)
    (patch of in6_pcb.c)
- correction to kern/40563 (gif IPv4 driver can clobber arp file)
    (patch of in_gif.c)

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