On 16 Jul, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> Andrew Gallatin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Just clear panicstr (w panicstr 0) when you drop into
>> the debugger on a panic.
> No luck.  However, I added an ASSERT_VOP_LOCKED() to vn_statfile(),
> and confirmed that vn_lock() fails to lock the vnode.  Unfortunately,
> without a dump it's hard to tell exactly what kind of vnode we're
> dealing with.
> I thought the problem might be an incorrect vop_lock implementation in
> devfs (the only synthetic filesystem mounted on the box), but devfs
> uses std_{islocked,lock,unlock}, and visual inspection didn't uncover
> any obvious flaws in any of those.
> Any other suggestions before I just turn off DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS?

Turn it off.  I ran into similar problems about a week ago and the
author told me that this option was broken because only part of the
stuff in his private source tree was committed.  I haven't heard
anything since then to make me think that this option has been fixed.

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