Rob Hughes wrote:

>I have a Toshiba 5005-S504 laptop (a wonderful legacy-free box that's
>I've cussed to no end) that I'm trying to get DP1 to boot on so I can
>cvsup and take a look (and hopefully contribute something). I was able
>to install, but after installation the system soft hangs after
>displaying a message about CPU power states (sorry, going off memory for
>now). I'm able to break to the debugger, so what information from dbg
>would be helpful at this point? Also, I'm pretty sure it's acpi that's
>causing the problem, so would someone point me to the syntax for
>disabling a module preload?
I was tracking down a similar hang and had to disable acpi (turns out 
I'm an idiot and the apparent hang at boot was because I forgot console 
was redirected to the serial port of the machine next to it), but I had 
to jump through hoops to do it it seems.  I believe all you have to do 
is 'unset acpi_load' at the boot loader prompt.  I had tried 'set 
acpi_load=NO', and finally 'unset module_path' to keep the kernel from 
finding /boot/kernel/acpi.ko.

Hope this helps,
Anthony Jenkins

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