On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Crist J. Clark wrote:

> And since it is clearly documented, awk(1) says,
>    Records
>        Normally,  records  are  separated  by newline characters.
>        You can control how records  are  separated  by  assigning
>        values  to  the built-in variable RS.  If RS is any single
>        character, that character separates  records.   Otherwise,
>        RS  is  a  regular  expression.   Text  in  the input that
>        matches this regular expression will separate the  record.
>        However,  in  compatibility mode, only the first character
>        of its string value is used for separating records.  If RS
>        is  set  to the null string, then records are separated by
>        blank lines.  When RS is set to the null string, the  new-
>        line  character always acts as a field separator, in addi-
>        tion to whatever value FS may have.
> It is not a bug.

No, you are quoting from the gawk(1) man page. The awk(1) man page makes 
no such statement.


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