just committed a fix for this.
The MFC will come shortly (note that there is no such a bug in
-stable unless you use ipfw2 which is outside of the tree; the MFC
will be just to keep the two files in sync).


On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 12:45:45AM +0900, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hello. I have the following rules in my ipfw.rules:
>     pipe 1 config bw 3kbit/s
>     add  1000 pipe 1 log logamount 0 tcp from any to me 80 setup in
>     add  1010 pipe 1 log logamount 0 tcp from any to me 25 setup in
> so that I can log and slow down incoming Nimda/open-relay probes.
> After new ipfw code came into the tree, my machine started to panic
> occasionally after thirty minutes or so connected to the Internet.
> After a few panics, I managed to get the backtrace. Unfortunately the
> line number seems to be screwed, but it's still enough to spot where
> it panicked (attached).
> In the frame 15 in dummynet_io(), fs->weight was holding zero at line 1182,
> which leads to a zero-division. Suprisingly, 'action' was O_LOG rather than
> O_PIPE or O_QUEUE, even though the function is assuming only one of them.

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