On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 20:59, Peter Wemm wrote:
> Eric Anholt wrote:
> > This looks like the classic error of the agp module having been loaded
> > by the drm because it's required, but agp doesn't probe/attach because
> > a generic bridge driver has already claimed the agp device.
> I doubt that would be a problem as long as it came with a patch to the
> release scripts so that the agp device was filtered out of the BOOTMFS
> kernel image.  (A quick grep -r for BOOTMFS should show up the sed scripts
> that turn GENERIC into BOOTMFS in src/release).
> The 'agp' device isn't likely to hurt anything, is it?

There's one thing in i810 I might want to check again before making it
default, but other than that I think agp is pretty stable these days.  I
haven't heard of problems with specific AGP chipsets since the AMD fixes
(MTRR + agp_amd.c) we had.

The one interesting interaction I've heard of recently is that when a
person had device agp in the kernel and agp_enable="YES" in loader.conf
the agp device malfunctioned (probed fine according to dmesg, but the
DRM couldn't find it with agp_find_device()).  I could see this biting
people if we didn't have an entry in UPDATING, because a lot of people
have gone the loader.conf way.


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