On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 07:40:47PM -0400, Garance A Drosihn wrote:

>>>Hey all (ab)users of -current.  Please try to work on getting -current
>>>as stabilized as possible in the next few days and hold off on any
>>>large changes until after re@ creates the Perforce branch for DP2 on
>>Well a working XFree86-4 would be just great to have in DP2 ;)
> It seems to be working for me, thanks to all the recent work from
> Eric Anholt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  When I built it (on the 14th) there
> was still the issue of Wraphelp.c not ending up in the right place,
> but that is being worked on.  And that was trivial enough for me
> to figure out, that I was up-and-running with it.
Yesterday I built XFree86-4-libraries port on my Alpha (-current
from July, 15) -- everything is O.K., including xc/lib/Xdmcp, where the
Wraphelp.c file is used.


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