So, how much does this have to do with my laptop's sound (DSP) dumping out
after about 10 seconds? (Toshiba had the great idea of hard-wiring most
everything through IRQ 11, although pccardd seems to be able to use

> Longer Answer: For some time now MS has had the notion of a Plug and
> Play OS at the BIOS level.  Most BIOSes had the ability to say "This OS
> is a Plug and Play OS" and would refrain from assigning resources to
> the pci cards that might be a pita for the PnP OS to deal with down the
> road.  In a Plug and Play OS, it deals with resource issues
> compeletely and totally (except for devices required to boot the
> system, iirc).  In a non PnP OS, like FreeBSD, the OS expects the BIOS
> to have assigned all the resources and activated all the cards.
> For years, this worked great.  ACPI can be viewed as an even more
> extensive attempt to get the OS to assign all the resources to the
> cards.  Now with ACPI in more and more BIOSes, they are shipping w/o
> the ability to turn off PnP OS.  They assume that the OS will be at
> least PnP, if not fully use the ACPI paradigm[*] to do its resource
> thing.  FreeBSD has to cope with this better in general.
> PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES is a kludge that only kinda makes things better.
> NetBSD does a better job at this by enumerating things at boot time and
> assigning resources when the big picture is being looked at.
> FreeBSD should do this as well.  We will have to deal with assigning
> things that could need more resources later, like cardbus and cPCI
> bridges, "big" chunks of space that they can later dole out as
> needed.  pci bridges make this problem more interesting because some of
> them will only decode certain address ranges (which is the cause of
> another kludge in the pci code).
> You can do a web search for the pc99 design guide (and newer ones).
> They go into some of this.  The ACPI standards docs also go into this
> as well, although the 1.0 verion didn't do it very well (imho).  There
> are a number of other places to look for information too.  The
> mindshare books might be good.
> I'm not aware of one place the ties all of these "customs" together
> into a coherent hole :-(.
> Warner
> [*] These are wesil words for "The OS does all the resource
> assignment."

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