On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 07:38:39PM +0200, Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I would like to report that after incorporating today's fixes into the
> kernel source and recompiling, the panic does not occur again.
> This is probably due to the commit to pmap.c (rev 1.345 by Peter Wemm).
> Although the log only talks about SMP, this UP box likes it too.
> So anyway, thanks for fixing this, and anybody who used the
> "DISABLE_PG_G" workaround can now switch that off.
> Happy hacking!
> -- 
> Regards:
> Szilveszter ADAM
> Szombathely Hungary

  As pointed out, the change was fairly bogus.  There's a new change
  that should be committed soon that fixes the problem in a "sort of"
  less bogus way.  When Peter gets around to reviewing it, it'll be
  committed and you shouldn't notice a difference.

  As a point of reference, however, what hardware do you have this
  running on?  Specifically, what board, CPUs, how many, and how much
  RAM do you have?

Bosko Milekic

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