At 7:53 PM -0600 7/17/02, Eric Anholt wrote:
>On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 18:40, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>  > XDM generally did still seem to come up okay, although occasionally
>  > the system would panic right at that initial XDM startup.  While
>  > I tried a few things to fix this (including various buildworlds
>  > over time), I didn't really worry about it too much because I
>  > could always fall back to my April 23rd snapshot of -current.
>April 27th was when the DRM went into -current.  Did you ever get
>a dump/backtrace of the panic?  Did you have drm-kmod installed?

I never got a dump of the panic, and in fact I only got the panic
two or maybe three times (in about two months).  The panic only
happened at the initial startup of XDM, so if I got past that
then I could run okay for long stretches without a problem.

I was also tangled up in other problems with current the same time,
and usually I would just take the easy way out and drop back to my
April 23rd snapshot of -current.

>  > I added that line, rebooted, and now XFree86-4 has no problem
>  > initializing agpgart when XDM starts up.
>Can you still make it panic after adding agp?

Well, I haven't yet, but then I haven't been running it this way
for all that long.

I would be happy with agp added to the generic kernel, but then I'm
one of the people who would benefit from that...  :-)

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