I have a kernel and world from Saturday, it seems reasonably ok in
console mode (does not panic although it is used as an ADSL router) but
in X, it locks up very easily. I tried it with Mozilla on Sunday, it
froze twice within as many hours, in a seemingly undeterministic manner.
Unfortunately, the locks make the machine unable to give any useful
info, it does not reboot by itself either. As said, I can do even
demanding things on the console (eg building Mozilla, generating the PR
stats page during the website build etc).

Additional detail: My previous kernel was from the 18th, with the
"bandaid" fix to pmap.c, and that one did not lock up under X, at least
not during my testing.

So, yes, I am seeing unstability, but only under X.

Szilveszter ADAM
Szombathely Hungary

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