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It looks like someone forgot to add the mlockall(2) manpages. The
prototype is defined in /usr/include/sys/mman.h
(http://cvsweb.freebsd.org/src/sys/sys/mman.h )


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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:36:09 +0300
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Subject: FreeBSD manual pages
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        I was just browsing the FreeBSD HTML manual pages looking
        for information about mlockall(2) & munlockall(2) system
        The manual pages were not there. This makes me wonder
        whether the pages are simply missing even though actual
        functions are there or whether these POSIX real-time
        extensions are really still missing from FreeBSD-5.0
        while OpenBSD has had them since release 2.9.
        I have not really looked into the actual version 5.0
        libraries yet, nor have I checked the source code.

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