Craig Dooley wrote:

>I have the same problem.  heres my debug dump.  It seems to happen to me
>always when sound is playing.  I also get pages of warnings about pcm
>and could sleep with lock.
>/usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1332: could sleep with "pcm0:play:0" locked from 
>/usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1332: could sleep with "pcm0:play:0" locked from 
>/usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1332: could sleep with "pcm0:play:0" locked from 
>and so on. actually it's flooded dmesg enough that I cant get to any
>useful information without going back a couple message.x's.  buildworld
>and kernel built from yesterdays sources.  
I've been looking into trying to fix the pcm code and it seems to be 
riddled with places where locks are held while sleepable memory 
allocations (the umacore.c:1332) are attempted.   I mostly run without 
sound for now until I can get a grasp on where I can get away with not 
locking.  Some locks are created and immediately locked, which to me 
only makes sense if the struct in which the lock exists is entered into 
a list where it's processed by some other KSE (I hope I'm not mangling 
these terms, I've only done Linux kernel work to-date).  Is the pcm code 
maintainer looking into this also?

Anthony Jenkins

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