"M. Warner Losh" wrote:
> : Think "CDROM install".
> Dude, what crack are you smoking?  How many times to we have to tell
> you.  We have a boot loader that knows how to read the kernel from the
> cdrom or scsi or whatever.  IT is a tiny increment to also load
> additional modules at that time that support those devices.  What's
> the real issue?

So, given that the install from a CDROM boots from a floppy
image that's faked up by the CDROM drive BIOS, and the image
doesn't include the full boot loader, how exactly is it that
the partial boot loader code acts like the full bootloader
code for accessing the CDROM to load the modules necessary
to access the CDROM?

Yes, the suggestion is a good one for a kernel booted from a
full loader installed from the hard drive.  It's not so good
if the modules are either going to be linked into the kernel,
or in the MFS image -- linked into the kernel.

Make sense now?  8-).

-- Terry

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