On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 02:45:15PM +0200, Sheldon Hearn wrote:
> On (2002/07/25 11:45), Martin Bundgaard wrote:
> > I have a problem. When trying to do a 'make buildworld' on a (freshly
> > fetched) -current source-tree, I quickly get an error:
> Other people have pointed out the cause of the problem.
> However, please note for future reference that what you're doing is not
> supported.  Current cross-builds on -STABLE are only supported "on the
> latest -STABLE".
This is not true.  They are supported from at least on 4.0-RELEASE.
If it's broken, please let me know.

> Since 4.6-RELEASE was a snapshot cut off the -STABLE branch very
> recently, it's likely that what you're doing will work.
> But keep it in mind for the future.
You too.  :-)

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