On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 08:18:27PM -0700, walt wrote:
> A small observation which I hope will be useful:
> I started getting unexpected lockups during mozilla sessions after
> remaking world & kernel on the evening of July 25.  The screen
> would freeze completely, followed a few seconds later by a
> spontaneous reboot.
> After this happened twice I deleted the new kernel and went back
> to using the kernel I compiled on the morning of the same day,
> July 25, and the crashes disappeared.
> I've cvsup'd and remade the world twice since then (but not the
> kernel) and I remain crash-free.
> Seems to implicate kernel code committed on July 25, sometime after
> about 1430 GMT.

For the kernel that works, what version of src/sys/kern/subr_mbuf.c did
you build it from?  I just want to make sure that I didn't break it with
any of the changes I've made.  My last change was on 2002/07/24 15:11:23
so I don't think it's that, but just to make sure...


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