Hello again,
I uploaded a newer version of my online questionnaire
(http://www.lse-students.ac.uk/tzouris/oss), and I am searching for Open
Source contributors who might be interested in answering it. 
The questionnaire is designed in a way that it won't require more than 10 minutes to 
be answered.
My previous request didn't have the expected responce, so you are kindly asked to 
answer this one. It will take you for sure less than 10 minutes!
My MPhil/PhD which is commencing in the upcoming October, will be based
on my current research. So as you can understand your help is really
important to me.
If you are a contributor, you are kindly requested to fill in this questionnaire
Thank you very much in advance for your help,

PS: my background:
I am an MSc student at the London School of Economics, department of
Information Systems, London, U.K. (http://is.lse.ac.uk) I am currently
writing my summer dissertation (MSc thesis) on Open Source. This is
where I need your help!
I received my Bsc in Computer Science fro the Athens University of
Economics and Business (http://www.cs.aueb.gr <http://www.cs.acueb.gr> )
Some of the issues that have been covered in my BSc are published here:
Menelaos G. Tzouris
Graduate Student
Department of Information Systems
London School of Economics and Political Science

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