> Yes, that code is very broken indeed. It probably was supposed to
> call __rpc_setconf("udp") and not getnetconfigent("udp"), but that
> seems to pick up an ipv6 address. I think the best plan is to go
> back to the way that part of the code was before revision 1.10.
> Could you try the following patch?

Thank you for the patch!  Yes, it works.  Right after I sent
out my message I tried an almost identical patch which also
worked but, as I said I don't understand this code, didn't
have time to understand it and my patch seemed a bit hacky so
I kept quiet.  Actually this whole routine seems hacky -- why
look up "udp" when you are told explicitly to use tcp?  Oh
well, I should keep quiet until I really understand it:-)

Thanks again!

-- bakul

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