At 12:01 PM +0200 7/26/02, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>Erik Greenwald wrote:
>>speaking of, is there any good way to automatically eliminate old
>>unnecessary parts of the base?
>>should there be one? :)
>An increasing number of people seem to believe that and there has
>been some discussion lately, which showed that there are also a
>large number of people opposing that (for reasons that remain
>unclear to me).

The specific methods that have been proposed (namely, a blind
'rm -f' hanging off a 'find' command) are too dangerous, IMO.
We need to come up with something which isn't so destructive,
if we're going to do this, and which recognizes that people
might have very legitimate reasons to have their very own
"old file" sitting at some point in some directory.  the FreeBSD
project does not own my hardware or my time, and is not
appropriate for installworlds started deleting files based on
no other criteria than the timestamp on the file.

That said though, it would be good to have something a little
smarter than a blind find|rm which did find old files, and move
them out of the way.  [move, not remove -- just in case it picks
the wrong files!]

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