On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 18:43, karl agee wrote:
> ok, what's going on here???
> system: 5.0-current.  
> trying to print to a post script laser printer which works fine in the
> past.  setup using apsfilter.
> When I attempt to print any file from any program the desktop locks up
> then the system reboots.  why?
> I havent found any log messages when this happens.
> I also run setiathome.  I've noticed that when this happens the seti
> workunit progress is lost and it starts where it left off at the last
> session.
> --karl

well...I tried testing communications with the printer via the method in
the handbook....

    # lptest > /dev/lpt0

you guess it...it crashed and rebooted as before.

what could be going on?


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