> As the snapshot manager at snapshots.jp.freebsd.org would be aware,
> current's release building capability is woeful to say the least. A fair
> bit of tidying up will need to be done for DP2.
> I've managed to complete a successful release build of current with a
> checkout of two days ago. For those interested, here's what I had to do:
> the mfsroot floppy contents were too large
> FIX: 
> - edit /usr/src/release/i386/drivers.conf and move the following drivers
>   from floppy 2 to floppy3: aue, cue, em, kue, sk, ti, wb, xe, and the
>   SYSV stuff
> - edit /usr/src/release/scripts/driver-copy2.awk to not error when it
>   encounters the floppy 3 candidates
> the kern floppy contents were too large
> FIX:
> - edit /usr/src/release/i386/dokern.sh and get sed to remove more
>   drivers from MFSROOT. The drivers are: eisa, ahb, isp, ses
> the fixit floppy contents were too large
> FIX:
> - edit /usr/src/release/i386/fixit_crunch.conf and remove the following
>   programs: mount_msdosfs restore rrestore telnet
> As you can see, all three 1.44MB floppies run out of space. With the
> above changes, the build just scrapes by. I'd imagine that the changes
> I made still wouldn't be enough for a release build to be successful
> for PC98 or Alpha.
> I'm happy to help resolve the release building issue if anybody is
> interested.

Do you have this available as a patch set? If so, I'd be interested in
it. I'll try it here on my release building machine and if nobody else
do something about it, I'll try to commit it.

I know about the mfsroot size problem, but didn't know about the others.
In my previous successfull release, they did still fit.


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