On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 12:11:05PM +0400, Andrey A. Chernov wrote:
> I notice reproductible effect on my recent -current remote machine, after
> 5-7 hours of normal work, I can't connect to this machine via
> ssh,telnet,pop3 or ftp, but smtp and http continue to work normally.
> When I turn ipfw2 off, this effect is gone. It was never happened for old
> ipfw with the same settings.
> I have simple "open" firewall type with one "deny" rule for specific tcp
> port. Since this is remote machine, I can't login and see what actually
> happens during this effect. I also notice that if current connection stays
> across beginning of effect, it continue to work, but new ones hangs.

could you send me your exact ruleset ? Also, does this happen
at specific times (e.g. after some cron task) or not ?


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