Starting about a week ago, -current started refusing to boot on my TOS 5005-S504. 
Depending on the config I use, it hard locks at boot in one of two places: either when 
loading the fxp driver, or when probing the pci bus. And I do mean hard. I can't break 
to debug, nothing. A power cycle is the only option. Since this is a legacy free 
laptop, I'm not able to attach a console, so I'm pretty much hunting in the dark. I am 
however, still able to boot the GENERIC from DP1. I was also wondering if anyone had 
bothered to create an absolute minimal kernel config, and if so, would you send it to 
me to try? Then I can start adding back to see where it breaks.
At any rate, the last cvs code that booted on this box was from around July 24th.

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