I am currently running Current on an u60
and it seems to be running quite nicely minus
some gotchas and not yet working ports.
Thanks for the hard work.

I do however have one pretty strange problem.
Some apps cant seem to route properly, aka they
cant reach remote hosts because routing lookups bork.

The box has a ipv4 default gateway, propper subnetmask,
I tried kernels without ipv6 ( didnt help ). The problem
only shows up with certain apps.

Par expample ntpd from system :
newpeer:> mode 3 vers 4 poll 6 10 flags 1 1 ttl
0 key 00000000
peer_clear: at 0 assoc ID 0
key_expire: at 0
newpeer:> mode 3 vers 4 poll 6 6 flags 21 1 ttl 0
key 00000000
report_event: system event 'event_restart' (0x01) status 'sync_alarm,
sync_unspec, 1 event, event_unspec' (0xc010)
auth_agekeys: at 1 keys 1 expired 0
key_expire: at 1
key_expire: at 1
expire_all: at 1
key expire: at 1 next 65536
transmit: at 10> mode 3
refclock_transmit: at 11
refclock_receive: at 11
peer LOCAL(0) event 'event_reach' (0x84) status 'unreach, conf, 1 event,
event_reach' (0x8014)
refclock_sample: n 1 offset 0.000000 disp 0.010000 jitter 0.000000

Versus ntpd on stable :
newpeer:> mode 3 vers 4 poll 6 10 flags 1 1 ttl
0 key 00000000
transmit: at 4> mode 3
receive: at 4<- mode 4 code 1
peer event 'event_reach' (0x84) status 'unreach, conf, 1
event, event_reach' (0x8014)
clock_filter: n 1 off 0.005574 del 0.010882 dsp 7.937531 jit 0.000061, age 0

( looks like the transmit: routing wanders of into the woods :)

Ncftp2/3 seem to bork in a somewhat similar way :

Hi. No need to log in; I'm an anonymous ftp server.
Logged in to ftp.openwall.com.
ncftp / > ls
List failed.
ncftp / > quit
Could not bind the data socket: Can't assign requested address

I was wondering if this a known problem, feel free to slap
me with a large trout if this is a local config problem.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Sten Spans

  "What does one do with ones money,
   when there is no more empty rackspace ?"

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