Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> >>I tweaked my BIOS to assign a different irq (9) to
> >>the NIC and now the kernel boots and runs my old userland quite nicely.
> >>The old kernel ran perfectly well with the NIC on irq10 ... strange.
> >
> > None of your other postings identified the devices also on
> > IRQ10.  If I had to guess... USB?
> Almost everything. sym0, csa0, bktr0, atapci1, drm0 ... and USB, but
> since I can only change IRQs per 'pin', fxp0 still shares its IRQ with
> USB now. :]

I know it's work, but it'd probably be worthwhile to track
down which device(s), when sharing the same IRQ, cause the
problem, so that it can be fixed, instead of the next person
having to work around it, too.

-- Terry

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