The 505ES comes with a builtin Orinoco, wi0 recognizes it but 
1. under stable continually comes up with wi0 watchdog timer messages,
and won't DHCP handshake (it will connect to the AP).
2. Under current-newcard, boot stops with a panic at the second PCCBB,
saying unable to connect IRQ (offhand it looks like that pccard
adapter doesn't have an interrupt connected to it).

3. under current-generic gets by that but says that the card type is not
recognized, then things get bogged down trying to mount root.
If I manually say ufs:ad0s3a it gets to trying /sbin/init and 
hangs hard.

Stable runs fine except that the (firewire) CDROM isn't recognized and
there is a problem (looks like wrong/no IRQ) of some kind with the wi0.

The station version spotted by freebsd is 6.something; I don't know if
I should upgrade it to 7.x or 8.x when this is an imbedded device.

I'll need to set up a serial console in order to capture the dmesg...

Stable would be fine if I could come up with a set of addr/irq's that will
allow the built-in wi0 to work.  However, current seems to be 
"almost there".

-- Pete

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