Let me try my luck here with a bigger crowd.  I just upgraded two
laptops from DP1 and July 18th to a July 30th kernel, both of them
with NetGear MA401 wireless cards.  The short and skinny: the
network/wireless used to work and now they don't.

*) TCP, UDP, and ICMP are affected so I assume all of IP is affected.

*) Using ping as an example, when I ping the gateway and run tcpdump
 from the laptop, I see the request and the reply come back on
 tcpdump, however ping reports ~99% packet loss (sometimes a packet or
 two will show up).

*) All firewalls have been turned off (ipf -D/ipfw has a default allow
 policy.  Possibly ipfw2 dragging it's feet somehow?).  ;)

*) Using SSH as an example, if I'm very careful and type super slow, I
 can sometimes log into a remote box and issue a few commands, but
 this is flaky at best.  If I try and load mutt, it hangs for about
 10min or so, then will sometimes show the contents of my inbox, other
 times the TCP connection will break.  tcpdump shows the local host
 sending out many ack packets for the same IP sequence and the remote
 host replying with the appropriate packet, but the application never
 knows any better.

If ICMP and UDP weren't having issues, I'd guess this to be a window
sizing issue, but it's not limited to TCP.  Doing a DNS query is at
best successful 25% of the time.  Unfortunately I'm on the road and
can't try this against the fxp interfaces that are in my docking
stations, so I'm limited to assuming that one of the following was
broken between the 18th and the 30th:

*) wireless (doubtful given that tcpdump shows the packets being sent
 and coming back)

*) firewall (possible.  ipf has been unloaded and ipfw has a default
 allow policy, so it shouldn't be mucking things up).

*) IP stack (given that tcpdump works on raw datagrams, I'd guess that
 something's broken in the OSes way of handling IP packets.  I'm
 tempted to suspect Matt Dillion's TCP backoff bit, but this isn't TCP
 specific.  :-/)

*) Hardware (I'm using two different dell latitudes with two different
 NetGear cards and am having the exact same behavior so this seems
 very unlikely.  I'm not getting any errors on the interfaces either.)

Anyway, I'm stumped and don't know where to poke at.  If the network
wasn't horked, I'd just sup to the 18th and continue on my merry way,
but the network's botched and I'm without a floppy.  Anyone have any
clues?  I'm fresh out of ideas as to where to poke.  -sc

PS Yeah, I know I shouldn't not have a floppy handy while running
-CURRENT, but I'm on the road and -CURRENT's just been so stable
recently so I opted to leave 'em at home.  ::sigh:: At least one of
them has a backup kernel on it, but I can't transfer it to the second.

Sean Chittenden

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