Pete Carah wrote:
> I got around the lack of IRQ on pcic1 by means of a trick involving
> hw.... sets in loader.conf (thanks to the mobile contributors); now it
> won't mount root.
> I know what the problem is but not why; the loader brings the kernel in
> fine, and probes work fine; I'd presume if the partition were too high this
> would be where the failure would lie.  However, the layout is (LBA):

Doesn't matter.  The problem is in the Sony BIOS.  I have a
PCG-XG29, and a friend has a PCG-XG28, both of which are a
precursor to the 505 you have.  Specifically, it's an INT 13
implementation limitation.

> Yes I know, I could make slice 1 smaller.  However, I don't know an NTFS
> version of partition magic.  Sony's reinstaller does allow me to make
> the partition smaller and I suspect I'll have to do this, with a complete
> reinstall of everything.  However, especially on a new system where I
> might have to deal with the warranty, I like to leave the windoze system
> alone :-(

Partition Magic 7.x supports resizing NTFS partitions.  Be aware
that you will need to create a minimal (~33M -- God, when did
that become "minimal"?!?) Windows FAT32 partititon, pretending
that you are going to install a bootable OS on it, so that the
Partition Magic "Boot Easy" program can locate its files, since
the first stage boot loader is not capable of reading non FAT
based parititions for loading copies of bootstraps or icons.

Search the FreeBSD archives; I wrote up an extensive description
of how you have to configure this.

> Now, why is there a mount-root problem at 16mb where the bios limit
> should end up at 8mb.  The "bad" line is at 2**25?????

You mean GB.  And -- again -- it's because of the Sony BIOS.

> Note that stable (once it is up) gets to all the slices just fine (that
> is how I've been installing, cross-compiling from -stable).

Yes; that's how it works.  Protected mode drivers don't use
the BIOS to access the disk, so they can get anywhere on it.
It's because of the Sony BIOS.

-- Terry

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