Julian Elischer wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Katsushi Kobayashi wrote:
> > Did you suggest the same API should be used on both Darwin and FreeBSD ?
> > Or, should we share the same code on the device driver level ?
> >
> > Although I have not read the terms and condition carefully, I am afraid
> > if once
> > read the source code, I cannot write any firewire kernel code.
> There is no problem with that..
> The courts have said that what you know in your head can not be
> withheld from your use.
> You may not be able to DIRECTLY COPY it but you can use it as a source
> of information.
> (depending on the coppyright you may even be able to copy it of course :-)

He is in Japan.

Japan is one of the few places, besides the U.S., which permits
software patents.  In additioan, they have a number of draconian
laws about reverse engineering, and so on, similar to the laws
that have been recently passed or are in the process of being
passed in the U.S..  You can not sell or rent a game cartridge
for a console game there, for example.

He may need someone else to agree to the license for him, and
then document the API without coping the information directly.

-- Terry

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