> > > I think MSDOS installs are pretty rare and NFS ones even rarer (FTP is
> > > easier to setup)
> > 
> > I've had one recent example here where FTP wouldn't work, but NFS flew.
> Weird but I can appreciate it's possible.

I'm wondering if that was because something in our stack was bust or
because of some firewall or other network thing?

> I wasn't suggesting removing NFS install support, but giving it a lower
> priority as I suggest that numerically more people do FTP installs.
> I have no evidence to back my claim though.

I have only my own experience nad can say that I have never done a nfs
install, but have done lots of ftp installs and occasionally a cd

So should I commit the code and let us tune what go on which floppy
later or should I just sit back and enjoy the ride? I'm not worried
too much because the snaps on ftp.za.freebsd.org is working again.
:-) ... Yes they are non-standard (they use my patch) but at least
they exist, while without the patch there are no snaps.


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